Rodrigo De la Iglesia

Rodrigo De la Iglesia

Dr. De la Iglesia is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Biological Sciences of the P. Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago.

He received his PhD in Biological Sciences from the P. Universidad Católica de Chile. His areas of expertise are marine microbiology, metagenomic analysis of microbial communities and response of microbial communities to environmental perturbations.

He was a student during ECODIM 2003. He has been involved in the ECODIM courses since then, participating as a teacher assistant (2006 and 2008), a junior instructor (2010) and as a lecturer and Director (2010 - 2016).

Rodrigo is one of the Directors for ECODIM 2018 and will also participate as a lecturer.




From left to right: Rodrigo De la Iglesia, Daniel Vaulot, Nicole Trefault (ECODIM 2012, Las Cruces)

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