The International Course Ecology and Diversity of Marine Microorganisms (ECODIM XI) will be held at the Marine Biological Station of the Department of Oceanography of the University of Concepcion, Dichato, Chile, on 8-29 January 2023.

The main goal of ECODIM is to build intellectual capacity and to transfer knowledge in areas of growing scientific interest in marine biosciences. This is achieved by teaching concepts and providing an overview of the fields of microbial ecology, marine genomics and diversity of microorganisms. ECODIM brings together various aspects of environmental, molecular and microbiological, as well as chemical, physical and bioinformatics methodologies needed to approach questions of biogeochemical, ecological, phylogenetic and genomic interests.

ECODIM 2023 will comprise field experiences (on board R/V Kay Kay II), lectures and exercises in the morning, guided research work in the laboratory and tutored computer exercises in the afternoon, colloquia in the evening and two symposium days, one by invited speakers and the other organized by the students, in which they will show the results of their investigations during the course. Preparatory discussions, exercises on course subjects, introduction to bioinformatics, computer aided thermodynamics in geochemical processes and metabolism will be offered as exercises in small groups. With the didactic mix between lectures and talks by experts, workshops with tutorials and the students’ own efforts (paper presentations, experimental design, and practical laboratory work), participants will be introduced into topics from the research front in microbial oceanography.